Moser's Maple of Croghan New York

Maple Mini's

Introducing Maple Mini's. These are the first high production US made hard candy made with Real maple syrup, much like the Canadian Maple Drops, but with 2 totally different techniques used. Unlike the Canadian drop, the Maple Mini's syrup is not caramelized to the same degree. What does this mean, well this gives the Maple Mini's a clean, crisp, true maple taste. The other big difference is the process used to create Maple Mini's allows for temps to go well beyond 320 degrees. This directly reflects into a 2 year shelf if the Maple Mini's are kept in the sealed bag and under normal temperature conditions. There are approximately 112 pieces per pound. Although smaller than the Canadian drop, if priced correctly the producer can yield a greater profit per pound. We are also currently working on a prepacked 3 oz bag for bulk sale. This enable anybody the option to have a professionally packaged bag with out the worries of the packaging....just leave that to us, all you have to do is put on your personal label for retail!!

$19 for 15oz (ships as 5 - 3oz bags - free shipping)
$61 for 5 lbs (ships in single large bag - free shipping)
Larger Quantities / Custom Bagging...........CALL FOR BULK PRICING

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