Moser's Maple of Croghan New York

About Moser's Maple

In April 1904 Philip Moser began Moser's Maple by boiling outside on a stone arch. 8 years later he built the Sugar House that Moser's Maple boiled their syrup out of until 2005.(we just moved across the driveway) We are now a 5th generation Maple family that have strong ties to our land, and the products that we create from our land. With this same passion we create AWARD WINNING confections, and Maple Syrup to sell to the public. (Golden Color & Delicate Taste, Amber Color & Rich Taste, Dark Color & Robust Taste and Very Dark Color & Strong Taste)

Syrup Grades - Golden Color & Delicate Taste, Amber Color & Rich Taste, Dark Color & Robust Taste and Very Dark Color & Strong Taste

We were fortunate enough to be name World Maple Grand Champion in 2012 at the World Maple Festival, and in 2014 we were named Category Champion in Golden (light amber) at the World Maple Festival. We store and boil our sap in stainless steel, and store our syrup in stainless steel drums. So there is no worry of lead contamination, or off flavors (tinny) from galvinized containers.

We in the Maple world are considered a small operation which we feel this gives us an advantage when it comes to quality. We take pride in every ounce of syrup we produce and have a connection with every person that buys our candy either from our sugarhouse or on the internet. In this day and age of faster, bigger, quicker, we are very much traditional when it comes to candy making and business connections. So if you want some great Maple Syrup, or would like to try out some "traditional" maple candy like generations past would have created then check out our products we have to offer. If you want to learn more about maple then check out the links connected to our site. If you want to learn more about Moser's Maple then check us out on Facebook, or just drop us email or phone call and we'll happier tell you about our history.

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